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O&R Energy-Efficiency Programs Provided $17M in Rebates, Cut 32,000 Tons in Emissions

O&R’s energy-efficiency programs have provided 20,000 customers who have invested in energy-saving equipment since 2009 over $17 million in rebates. Those programs have cut energy usage by over 90,000 MWh, slashed carbon emissions by over 32,000 tons and reduced peak demand by over 21 MW.

That’s what Charmaine Cigliano, O&R’s Section Manager for Customer Energy Services, told the 7th annual Rockland Business Association (RBA) Green Council Awards luncheon at the Rockland Country Club in Sparkill on Thursday.

Cigliano, a featured speaker at the event, put that energy savings into perspective for the audience.

“That 90,000 MWh is enough energy to power over 11,000 homes,” she said. “It is equivalent to taking over 5,000 cars off the road. That 21 MW of peak demand savings is enough to meet the peak demand needs of four Palisades Malls.

How can you take advantage of these energy savings opportunities?

Cigliano said, “O&R can schedule a free energy audit for you and provide up to 70% of the cost of energy savings upgrades to help you save energy and money. And, we have programs that meet all business and residential customer needs.

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