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O&R Crews in Surry, Va. Today, Mopping Up Hurricane Outages

A dozen O&R overhead electric technicians, along with supervision, are working in the town of Surry, Va. today to restore power to the Dominion Virginia Power customers in that community whose electricity was knocked out last weekend by Hurricane Matthew.

The O&R technicians were deployed to Virginia Sunday along with nearly 90 more Con Edison personnel and contractors who are part of a Consolidated Edison, Inc. (CEI) effort to render mutual assistance to Dominion.

Since the O&R contingent arrived Monday in Richmond, it has worked in Carrollton, Rescue, Suffolk and today Surry, Virginia on a number of electric service restoration projects.

Dominion has made strong progress in restoring electric service. On Monday, Dominion counted approximately 113,000 customers without service. Tuesday, that count was down to 44,400 customers at about 2,500 separate locations. And, today, at this hour, those outage totals stand at 11,500 customers without power at 1,200 work locations.

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