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O&R, S. Orangetown Rotary Share the Power of Words;

Donate Dictionaries to Over 200 Cottage Lane 3rd Graders -- The South Orangetown Rotary Club and O&R presented dictionaries to over 200 third graders at the Cottage Lane Elementary School today.

The presentation was part of the Rotary’s ongoing effort to support educational projects in the community. O&R donated $450 to help make the project a success.

“Every third grader in the district gets his or her own dictionary as part of the South Orangetown Rotary Club’s Literacy Project,” said the Club’s Dictionary Project Coordinator Bruce Woolley.

O&R’s Public Affairs Director Tom Brizzolara, a member of the South Orangetown Rotary, said, “Words are the keys to everyday life, knowledge and success. Those keys can help open up the whole world for these students.”

He added, “We hope the dictionaries will help instill in our children a rich appreciation of words: their meaning, their importance and their power.”

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