O&R: Customers Beware Bill Payment Scams

O&R today warned the public about reports today from Orange County customers of a phony-bill payment scheme in which imposters pose as utility company representatives and call customers, demanding immediate payment for what the crooks fraudulently claim are delinquent electric and gas bills.

These scammers pose as utility company employees and call customers saying their service will be disconnected if they do not make an immediate payment using a prepaid debit card or even a credit card.

Unsuspecting utility customers across the nation have been bilked by similar bogus claims which insist on payment the day of the contact. O&R fielded several customer reports of attempted telephone scam activity in Orange County today.

O&R urges anyone who is contacted in this fashion to break off contact with the crooks and call O&R Customer Service at 1-877-434-4100.

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