O&R Employee Group Donates Coats to Safe Haven in Milford

O&R has awarded a grant to Dominican College to fund a scientific research project to determine the type, level and source of bacterial contamination in the waters of the Sparkill Creek.

The Sparkill Creek is an eight-mile long tributary of the Hudson River. The Creek originates on the Clausland Mountain in the hamlet of Orangeburg and flows through the hamlets of Blauvelt and Tappan in New York and into the borough of Northvale in New Jersey, then back into New York through the hamlets of Palisades and Sparkill and finally into the village of Piermont where the creek empties into the Hudson River.

According to the Sparkill Creek Watershed Alliance, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in 2010 added the Sparkill Creek to its List of Impaired Waters due to test results indicating elevated levels of fecal indicator bacteria.

The project will study the Sparkill’s waters in partnership with the Sparkill Creek Watershed Alliance. O&R’s $4,346.16 grant, which was made in response to a funding proposal from Dominican College, will be used to purchase laboratory supplies for conducting water testing at Dominican’s Orangeburg campus. Dr. Bernadette Connors, along with two student research associates, will carry out the year-long project. The Alliance plans on using the research results to better understand the types and characteristics of bacteria that are present.

The Sparkill Creek Watershed Alliance is a community-based action group committed to promoting environmental awareness, partnerships and watershed practices that restore and preserve the health of the Sparkill Creek. Stream monitoring, tree planting and green infrastructure implementation, and creek clean-ups are a few of the group’s primary activities. The Alliance meets monthly and always welcomes new members. For more information, visit www.sparklllcreek.org.