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Enroll Your Smart Thermostat and Get $85 From O&R

Now is the time to make a smart move with a smart thermostat. Save energy and get $85 when you join O&R’s latest energy-saving program, Bring Your Own Thermostat (BYOT).

Through BYOT, customers with central air conditioning and an eligible Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat can earn an $85 rebate for signing up their existing device with one of O&R’s three program partners: EnergyHub, Honeywell and Nest.

Customers who have central air conditioning systems, but don’t have Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostats can purchase and sign up the devices to participate. Benefits to customers include:

* Earning $85 per thermostat
Saving money all year round by using a smart thermostat
Helping the environment by reducing energy demand

The program is designed to reduce the load on the electric system when energy use is at its highest, such as on certain hot summer days. Enrolling in the program allows O&R to make brief, limited adjustments over a four-hour period to a participating customer’s central AC settings during those high usage periods. Customers are always in control and can change the settings at any time if necessary. Customers are awarded an additional $25 incentive annually for continued participation.

In addition to O&R’s rebates, smart thermostats come with their own rewards. For example, they help reduce energy usage year-round by allowing customers to auto-schedule their temperature preferences and control their heating and cooling remotely with a tablet or smartphone. Smart thermostats also offer energy-efficient setting recommendations and provide maintenance or system trouble alerts.

“This program is a win-win for both our customers and O&R,” said Meridith Nierenberg, the program’s administrator. “It gives customers a tool to conveniently manage their energy usage anytime, from anywhere, while helping O&R to reduce peak demand and continue to provide reliable utility service.”

Information about the BYOT program, including partner details and enrollment dates, is available at

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