O&R: Always See Photo I.D. of Utility Workers at Your Home

Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. urges its customers to ask to see a photo identification card from utility workers certifying that they are O&R employees or contractors before doing any business with them or allowing them to enter customers’ homes.

The utility renews this warning periodically to put its customers, especially the elderly, on guard about crooks who pose as utility workers in order to gain access to and rob the homes of unsuspecting residents.

All O&R employees are required to carry color photo I.D. cards during their workday. If a person comes to your door claiming to be an O&R employee, look for the card. If you cannot see one, ask the worker to produce the card for your inspection before speaking with him or her further, or permitting entry to your home.

O&R contractors, such as tree-trimmers, also carry O&R-logoed photo I.D.s and are authorized to perform work on the Company’s behalf.

If individuals representing themselves as O&R employees or contractors cannot produce a legitimate photo I.D. card, terminate further contact with them and call the police.

If the workers do produce an identification card but you are still apprehensive, call O&R at 1-877-434-4100 and ask to speak to a Security Services representative to confirm the identity of the O&R employee or contractor.

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