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Spring Valley Rotary, O&R Donate Nearly 800 Dictionaries

For the sixth consecutive year, the Spring Valley Rotary Club, the Schools to End Poverty (S.T.E.P.) program and O&R have presented dictionaries to nearly 800 third graders from the East Ramapo School District.

Since its inception six years ago, the program has donated nearly 4,400 dictionaries to East Ramapo Schools’ third graders.

This year, O&R provided the Rotary Club with a $1,000 donation toward the purchase of dictionaries for third graders at the Summit Park, Hempstead, Fleetwood, Grandview and, here, at Margetts elementary schools. The presentation is part of the Rotary’s ongoing effort to support educational projects in the community.

“Every third grader in the elementary schools in the East Ramapo school district gets his or her own dictionary as part of the Spring Valley Rotary Club’s Literacy Project,” said the Club’s Dictionary Program Coordinator Ed Frank.

O&R’s Public Affairs Section Manager and past president of the Spring Valley Rotary Neil Winter, a current member of the Spring Valley Rotary as well, said, “Words are the keys to everyday life, knowledge and success. The looks on the students’ faces when they receive the books are priceless. You would think we had given them the world. In a way, we have.”