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Pay Online

Our safe, secure service makes online bill payment fast, free and easy. With your checkbook and energy bill handy, enter the information requested. With a few clicks, you'll have paid your bill — all while saving time and money on postage and check writing fees.

make a payment

Pay By Phone

If you want to pay your energy bill quickly by phone, call eZPay Express toll-free at 1-877-673-9729.

eZPay Express is a 24/7 phone line for bill payments only. It's also a "green" way to pay your bill — saving paper, postage and mail delivery, among other things.

With eZPay Express, there is no charge when you pay with your checking or savings account. After you enter your bank routing and account number, eZPay "remembers" the details for you. The next time you call, you just have to confirm the information on hand.

eZPay Express also accepts payment by debit and major credit cards. However, there is a convenience fee payable to the authorized payment agent. O&R, Rockland Electric and PCL&P do not receive any portion of this fee.

Pay your energy bill the fast, "green" and easy way. Call eZPay Express at 1-877-673-9729.

Pay By Mail

Payment, of course, may be made by mail and is due upon receipt of your bill. A bill message on the statement tells you when payment must be posted to your account to avoid a 1.5% late payment charge.

If you lose your payment envelope, please mail your check or money order to the appropriate address below (do not send cash):

For New York customers:
Orange & Rockland
P.O. Box 1005
Spring Valley, NY 10977
For New Jersey customers:
Rockland Electric Company
P.O. Box 427
Montvale, NJ 07645
For Pennsylvania customers:
Pike County Light & Power Co.
P.O. Box 1005
Spring Valley, NY 10977
Write It Right

To process customer payments, O&R, like most companies, uses optical scanners to "read" the numeric amount in each check. That means the kind of pen you use and how you write the numbers on the check make a difference.

To ensure accurate payments, use only black or blue ink. Silver, gold, red and gel ink pens are attractive and fun to use, but they're not for check writing.

A properly written check
Clear, legible and written in black ink, this perfect check has the decimal point where if should be, followed by two digits.

The samples below illustrate why it's best to write checks as clearly and legibly as possible. Thanks for writing it right.

Check amount numerically written without a decimal point Scanned as a $791.04 check, the correct payment amount was actually $79.04.
Unlegible written check Legibility is key. Written for $111.29, this check was "read" as $777.29.
Check written without digits after the decimal point Please write two digits, not a wavy line, after the decimal point.
Check written with fractions instead of a decimal point Without a decimal point, the scanner could have read this check as $3974.00, instead of $39.74.
Check written with fractions instead of a decimal point Always use a decimal point followed by two digits, not fractions, as shown in this example.
Computer written check with asterisks before the dollar amount Asterisks always present "scanning" problems.