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When Tragedy Strikes


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When Tragedy Strikes . . .

If a fire, flood or any other event damages your home or business structure, safety standards require O&R to disconnect the electric and gas service to reduce the risk of injury to police, fire, ambulance or other emergency workers who are trying to help you. The decision to disconnect utility service is made by the ranking police officer, fire chief, Building Inspector or a county Health Department representative on the scene. If none of these agencies is present, O&R may make the decision to disconnect service based on its assessment of the damage to electric and gas facilities. Your electric and gas service will remain disconnected until the initial event is over and structural and electric and gas facilities' damage is repaired and certified to be safe by an authorized independent inspection agency.

Payment agreements and financial assistance

We understand that as a result of damage to your home or business, you may experience financial difficulties. If that happens, please contact Customer Assistance. You can speak with a Customer Service Representative regarding a payment arrangement that suits your circumstances.

Questions about restoring service

Before service is restored, you'll need to know what repair steps need to be taken, and what equipment is yours and what equipment is ours. If you have any other questions about service restoration, please contact O&R's New Construction Services Department.