Energy & Safety

Our Employees

Check ID

For your protection, if someone comes to your door as an employee or contractor of Orange & Rockland, Rockland Electric Company or Pike County Light & Power Co., ask that person to produce an identification card. All our employees and contractors wear I.D. cards bearing the company name and logo on one side, and the employee's or contractor's color photograph on the other side.

If the person cannot produce an I.D. card, refuse admittance, terminate further contact and call the police immediately. If the person at your door produces an I.D. card and you're still apprehensive, call us at 1-877-434-4100 and ask to speak to someone in Security Services. We will be glad to confirm the identity of any O&R employee or contractor.

Keep Our Meter Readers Safe

For the safety of our meter readers, please keep the pathway to your meter clear and your pet inside or well away from the meter on the date of your next scheduled reading. Even the gentlest of dogs can get territorial when a stranger walks onto your property.

Sign warning of utility work ahead

Give Our Crews a Brake

Our crews often work along roadways to upgrade or repair power lines and gas mains. So when approaching and driving through a work area, please watch for our crews and slow down. Always obey the flaggers; their job is to help you pass through the area safely and help their crew members get the job done without injury.