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Field Safety Guide booklet
Safety Videos by Dig Safely New York

This video series was designed by Dig Safely New York to help you learn all the steps required in the Dig Safely process. Whether you're a contractor or individual, watch the video series — and call 811 before you dig, every time.

Watch Video Series
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Before you break ground for a home addition, swimming pool, fence, tree planting or other project that requires excavation, drilling or digging, make sure you're clear of all underground utility lines running through your property.

Dial 811

To get your project safely underway, make one simple call to your state utility notification service by dialing 811 two to 10 days prior to digging. The service will contact all member utilities to mark the locations of underground facilities for you at no charge.

Play It Safe

Developers, contractors, excavators, equipment operators and anyone else working near our underground gas and electric lines also need to check O&R's Field Safety Guide to ensure compliance with regulations imposed by various local, state and federal authorities.

What Could Happen If You Don't Call?

If your shovel or backhoe strikes an underground electric or natural gas line or communications cable, you run the risk of serious accident, injury or costly property damage. You could also disrupt essential utility service and find yourself with an expensive repair bill and legal problems.

How to Identify a Utility Marking

Utility companies will mark the location of their underground facilities using either colored paint or small flags. Each type of service has its own unique color.

Color Service
  White Proposed Excavation
  Pink Temporary Survey
  Red Electric
  Yellow Gas or Oil
  Orange Telephone and Cable
  Blue Potable Water
  Purple Reclaimed Water
  Green Sewer and Drain

If a Digging Accident Occurs

If a natural gas accident occurs, immediately evacuate the area and call O&R's Gas Emergency Hotline at 1-800-533-5325, 911 or your local gas provider. For accidents involving underground electric cables, call us at 1-877-434-4100.