Energy & Safety

Why Energy Choice?

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Alternate energy suppliers are unregulated and are often able to offer customers prices that are lower than O&R energy supply prices.

With more than half of every energy dollar going to market supply costs, it may be to your benefit to switch to a supplier who can help reduce your overall energy bills, or offer a fixed price if your preference is price stability.

Additionally, Energy Choice may give you the opportunity to support the development of clean, 100% renewable sources of energy like solar power, wind power, low-impact or small hydro power, and landfill gas power.

Why Is O&R Supporting Energy Choice?

At O&R, we don't make a profit on the sale of the actual electricity or natural gas supply that we buy in the competitive energy market and deliver directly to our customers with no markup. So, whether you buy your energy supply from us or from an alternate energy supplier, we still deliver the energy to you safely and reliably. In a sense, we're just like an express mail service.

Because alternate energy suppliers are often able to offer you an economic or environmental advantage, we support energy choice. We encourage you to look around and pick your own supplier.

O&R Always Delivers

Whether you switch to a new supplier or stay with us as your supplier, O&R will:

  • Remain your delivery company — delivering electricity and natural gas through our wires and pipes
  • Continue to respond to all electric outages and gas emergencies
  • Maintain delivery system safety and reliability
  • Read your meters and provide all other customer services
  • Send you one single monthly bill. If you buy energy from an alternate supplier, details of that supplier's charges appear in your monthly bill mailing. But, you will continue to make only one monthly payment to O&R — and we'll pay your supplier for you.