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Energy Choice Options - NY

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In New York, customers have the power to select their own natural gas and/or electric supplier. Here are the tools to help you shop for an alternate supplier:

  1. eBids. This online tool is designed to help you find the best energy supply proposal to match your needs. With eBids, you simply submit an anonymous electronic bid request through our Web site. Energy suppliers then respond with their proposals via the Internet within three business days. In comparing offers, you have the option to select a proposal that meets your needs or do nothing at all. To try out eBids, log in to My Account with your 10-digit account number, and then click on the eBids link on the left side of the page.
  2. Shop around. Instead of participating in eBids, you may shop on your own by contacting energy suppliers directly. For a current list of available energy suppliers, see our Web page.
  3. See how suppliers rate. Here's an additional tool to assist you in evaluating alternate energy suppliers. The New York State Public Service Commission publishes the ESCO Residential Complaint Rate Scorecard, which reflects residential customer complaint rates for ESCOs that serve at least 1,000 customers in New York State. The rates are based on complaints received, whether or not the ESCO was determined to be at fault or adequately resolved the consumer's complaint.