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Consider the Environment

The New York and New Jersey regulatory commissions require all electricity suppliers to provide customers with periodic environmental statements. These statements provide standardized environmental information designed to facilitate informed customer choice.

Electricity can be generated in a number of ways, with different impacts on the environment. Standardized disclosure labels help keep consumers informed on what fuel sources suppliers used to generate electricity, the air emissions associated with their method of generation, and a comparison of those emissions to a statewide average. In this way, consumers can weigh the benefits of price and environmental quality when shopping for an electricity supplier.

If you purchase electricity from a supplier other than Orange & Rockland or Rockland Electric Company, that supplier is required to provide you with standardized environmental disclosure information.

Some alternate suppliers now offer to sell electricity produced by environmentally friendly methods, such as wind, solar or hydropower generation. This option may cost more than energy from traditional power sources. While shopping for an alternate supplier, you should ask about their green power programs.