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Calculate Savings

You'll need to know the monthly market price that O&R charges for your gas and electric supply, plus any applicable taxes. This combined charge is called our Price to Compare. You should compare that amount to what alternate suppliers offer.

For electricity, charges are listed in cost per kilowatt hour ($/kWh); for natural gas, they are figured in cost per hundred cubic feet ($/ccf). The difference between an alternate supplier's price and O&R's Price to Compare, in either kWh or ccf charges, will be the amount of savings per energy unit.

Our New York customers can get an idea of potential savings by comparing O&R's monthly Price to Compare figures with what an alternate supplier would have charged during those same months. By multiplying the price difference with your usage for each of those months, you can calculate what your savings would have been. Our New Jersey electric customers will find the Rockland Electric Price to Compare listed on their monthly full service energy bill.

Electric Supply Example:
O&R's Price to Compare $0.0828 kWh
Subtract alternate supplier's price -$0.0761 kWh
Equals price difference $0.0067 kWh
Multiply electric usage for month x562 kWh
Equals estimated savings for month $3.77

(To determine savings on gas supply costs, use the same formula, but substitute kWh with ccf charges and usage.)