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Report a Power Problem

outage report form
outage report form

If your lights go out...

Find out if your neighbors has also lost power. If so, report the outage using one of the following methods:

  • O&R Web Site: From any computer or mobile device that has Internet access, go to to submit an online Outage Report Form.
  • O&R Mobile app: Download our mobile app from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
  • Text Messaging: Text "OUT" to 69678 (myORU) and follow the prompts.
  • 1-877-434-4100: Follow the voice prompts.

During widespread outages when thousands of customers may be calling us, don't hesitate to use our automated telephone system. Simply follow the voice prompts, and your outage report will be processed just as quickly and efficiently as talking directly to one of our representatives.

If yours is the only house without power

  1. Check if your fuses are blown or circuit breakers are tripped.
  2. If the problem is in the fuse box, move the main switch to the Off position. Replace any blown fuses, then return the main switch back to On.
  3. To reset a circuit breaker, switch the breaker to Off, then back to On.
  4. If you're still without power, contact us.

Check on the status of your outage

Unless it's a single service outage affecting just one building, you can check the status of a previously reported outage by accessing our online Electric Outage Status form from any Web-enabled device with a connection to the Internet. Simply enter your account number or the phone number on record with your account. We'll confirm that we're aware of your outage and let you know when a field crew has been assigned, when the crew is in your area working and when we expect to have power restored.

NOTE: In the early stages after a major storm, it may not be possible to give you an estimated time for when power will be restored. When hundreds of individual outage incidents have occurred, it takes time for specially trained damage assessors to get around to each location and determine what is required to make repairs. Oftentimes, damage assessment is delayed by persistent storm conditions and blocked roads.