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Grant Criteria

Organizations that serve the community and meet the following criteria will be considered for a grant under the Community Investment Program:

  • Organizations that have tax-exempt status, i.e., 501(c)(3) or equivalent as defined by the Internal Revenue Code;
  • Organizations whose focus is on educational, environmental, cultural and public safety programs;
  • Organizations that are not substantially funded by the United Way;
  • Organizations that are not substantially government funded;
  • Organizations whose objectives are clearly defined and reasonably capable of being achieved;
  • Organizations whose objectives and programs are consistent with the company's Community Investment Program strategies and commitments;
  • Organizations that have an active governing board and officers.
  • Monies are to be used within a 12-month period with supporting documentation submitted. A CIC committee member will be contacting the organization for that supporting documentation and the monies must be used for the specific purpose for which the grant was approved.
  • Local chapters of national organizations must include with application their local chapter letter.
  • Applications under $500 will not be accepted.
Excluded Investments

Grants will not be made to, or for, the following:

  • United Way organizations
  • Government funded organizations
  • School districts and affiliated associations
  • Municipalities with taxing authority
  • Individuals or salaries
  • An event that has already passed prior to application being reviewed by the Committee
  • Advertising
  • Administrative salaries
  • General operating expenses
  • Large capital construction projects
  • Private foundations that are themselves grant making bodies
  • School districts and municipalities with taxing authority
  • Beauty or talent contests
  • Athletic scholarships, funds or recreational activities such as leagues or teams
  • Organizations outside O&R's service territory (unless justification can be demonstrated for granting an exception)
  • Parties, banquets and golf outings of any kind
  • Donations of electric or gas service
  • In kind services of any kind
  • An event that has already passed or an event that will happen within 5 to 6 weeks of the application